INCO Academy

INCO Academy fully funded programs enable participation in professional training programs. We provide knowledge and practical skills that help you access job opportunities in a changing economy.


You will gain practical skills in the fields of online marketing, computer programming, and more. We help you find opportunities to gain your first professional experience in sectors related to new technologies.


People trained around

the globe


of people identifying as women

Unlocking opportunities for all.


Get Into Tech

Fully funded 5 weeks program, which will help you decide which career opportunity in tech is best suited for you.
Explore digital careers  and build your own career development path. Gain skills in SEO and web design, as well as soft skills to feel confident in your new role.



Fully funded 8-12 week program to prepare you for your first role as a programmer or developer. You will learn: React, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Ajax, jQuery and Github, as well as teamwork and solving problems.


Get Into Green

8-12 week program preparing for work in the dynamically developing green economy.


Growth Marketing

Fully funded 10-11 week program in which you will master marketing and SEO tools. You will gain practical skills necessary to support business development through digital marketing.



Fully-funded 5 day bootcamps, during which you will discover the diversity of career paths in new technologies and gain digital competences that strengthen professionals in various industries. We will help you choose a further education path or strengthen your current competences using tech solutions.