Do you aspire to work in the tech industry? Would you like to gain competencies required for entering the IT industry from seasoned practitioners?

INCO Academy fully funded programs entail not only professional training, but also career support and guidance. Depending on the course, candidates with no prior experience or with basic IT knowledge and skills will be eligible to apply.

Program participants will attend intensive, 5-, 10- or 12-week training courses. 

Participation  entails:

Acquiring practical skills through one of our training programs:

​Recruitment consulting, help with CV building and preparation for job interviews.

Support with job searching and contacting prospective employers.

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Who can apply?

The program is currently open to residents of Mazovia


Depending on the course, candidates with no prior experience (Get Into Tech and Growth Marketing programs) or with basic IT knowledge and skills (INCODE program) will be eligible to apply.

All training programs and activities will be conducted online, so you will need a working computer with camera, microphone and internet access.
You should have basic digital skills allowing you to join the online classes and browse the web.

You can apply for the program if you are over 18-years old and are:

  • Unemployed

  • Underemployed (income below 7300 PLN gross)


At least 60% of places in the program are reserved for women, who remain a minority in this industry.

How to apply?

1. Choose the program you want to join

2. Apply through our basic form and within 24h you will receive detailed application form to fill out and submit

3. If your among final candidates, take part in info session to receive and confirm participation offer.

Applicants for INCODE program selected to the final round will be asked to submit their solution to a challenge as part of their application.

We will notify all applicants of the results of the evaluation process and a shortlist of applicants will be created.
The shortlisted candidates will be able to join the program and be notified on details if any of the successful applicants resign
from participation.

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Application deadlines and training schedule

To take part in the current INCO Academy, enrollment, fill the form by clicking the "Apply" button by August 13 (Get Into Tech) or August 20 (INCODE).

We are currently selecting participants for:


  • 5-week Get Into Tech
    program starts on August 23

  • 12-week INCODE
    program starts on September 13

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Ile czasu potrzebuję poświęcić na naukę w ramach programu?

5-tygodniowe szkolenia Get Into Tech wymagają w każdym tygodniu 2 dni uczestnictwa w zajęciach i kilku godzin nauki pomiędzy spotkaniami, czyli 4h dziennie w każdym tygodniu.

12-tygodniowe szkolenia INCODE oraz 12-tygodniowe szkolenia INCODE wymagają pełnego wymiaru nauki, czyli uczestnictwa w zajęciach 2 razy w tygodniu i nauki 3 dni w tygodniu, co najmniej 8h dziennie.
Zajęcia odbywają się najczęściej w godz. 10-14.

Ile kosztuje uczestnictwo w programie?

Uczestnictwo w programie jest w pełni finansowane i nie pobierane są żadne opłaty od uczestników i uczestniczek.

Czy mogę aplikować do wszystkich programów?

Oceniamy aplikację do programów Growth Marketing i INCODE między innymi na podstawie ich motywacji i jasnych celów dotyczących pierwszych kroków na ścieżce do branży technologicznej. Jeżeli nie jesteś pewna/pewny w którym kierunku chcesz się rozwijać, zalecamy aplikować do programu Get Into Tech. Po ukończeniu programu Get Into Tech, możesz aplikować do pozostałych programów w kolejnych naborach. Aplikowanie na wszystkie programy równocześnie, nie zwiększa Twoich szans na uczestnictwo w programie.